Our modern, efficient, made-in-America production process is one you can rely on, no matter how customized the project.

Pattern Making

Pattern making is an art and these team members are experts in their field. With their experienced eyes and hands, they can look at a custom design on paper and almost instantly transform it into a pattern used to cut fabric.

Cutting & Sewing

Our sewing professionals are some of the best in the business. Using cuts made from the patterns, they help give every piece a special Mastercraft finish.

Stuffing and Upholstering

These team members use a special “pre-stressed” filling material to stuff our cushions for extreme comfort. Upholsterers then finish every piece with a custom finish that no machine can ever replicate. Their care and precision is unmatched.

Finished Product

Our custom furniture is now ready for use! All our products are made in the USA with attention to detail and precise care. It is unlike any other RV furniture you’ll find.